Matrix knows security.

Company : Testimonials

At Matrix, it’s not enough to provide the latest access control system or security management solution. The true power of our business lies in our ability to pair those offerings with a customer care philosophy found nowhere else in the industry. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the Matrix difference:

“We needed a security access control system that would be turnkey for us and keep our healthcare facility secure. Matrix Systems met all of the requirements with its implementation, including Frontier™ access control software, all hardware, Matrix card readers, and superb support. With well over 2,000 doors under control at Cleveland Clinic, it’s reassuring to know we can count on Matrix access control solutions to keep our staff and our patients in a secure environment.”

“We’ve been a loyal Matrix customer for 27 years and have always been very pleased with the customer service and personal attention we receive from Matrix. A large organization such as Ohio State University Medical Center needs the easy operability and flexibility that Matrix solutions provide. We are able to manage access control the way that is best for us, and we aren’t forced into a preconfigured solution.”

“The Matrix Team has been very valuable in helping AK Steel upgrade our access control systems. They've been more patient with us than we could have ever expected—their expertise and support are invaluable. AK Steel has and will continue to recommend Matrix Systems.”

“Matrix made a very clean operation for us. As a one-stop supplier, Matrix makes it very easy for us to operate under frequent changes. Matrix is extremely responsive to our changing requirements and helps us meet compliance regulations.”

“We consider Matrix a partner in achieving our campus access control goals for 400 buildings. Matrix solutions allow our individual departments to tailor their access control to fit their business requirements, and we aren’t forced into a cookie-cutter solution. Matrix responds to our needs quickly and helps us to maintain an efficient and secure operation.”

“With other systems, incorporating a variety of hardware vendors, integrators, and other suppliers, access control becomes a difficult task due to the reluctance to modify an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. The reality is that every facility has unique security needs and therefore requires a system like Matrix that’s adapted to meet those needs.”

“The Matrix equipment has been very reliable and durable throughout the years since its installation, which has been over 15 years. It has been through countless hurricanes and severely bad weather and it just keeps working from day-to-day without any interruptions. Both your local and remote tech support have been invaluable throughout the years.”

“It’s easy to work with Matrix. They are experts in recommending the best methods to integrate all of our technology needs into one easy-to-use system. All of our locations have Matrix installed since it’s important that we have the responsiveness Matrix provides. We also like the resulting improved efficiencies of their solution. We have been a Matrix customer for many, many years and their personal touch just keeps getting better.”

"(When we interviewed security companies) some vendors couldn't integrate their security card readers with time and attendance. Other vendors had sales people that really didn't know what their systems could do, which was a waste of time and communication for me. Other vendors had technicians, but they weren't involved in the selling process. Matrix sales people were just as knowledgeable as their technicians that installed the equipment. Matrix was the only company I could find that could integrate all the functions I wanted into under one security system and one ID card (credential)."

“Matrix as a company has always satisfied me with their expertise in access control and customer service. I would recommend your Matrix solutions to anyone that asks.”