Matrix knows security.

Matrix Adds Failsafe Fault Tolerance as Option to Frontier® Access Control Software

Redundant control capability now added to Matrix’s already unique triple tier data distribution for ultimate failsafe access control/security.

For Immediate Release April 17, 2008

Tracie Burton
Matrix Systems, Inc.
John Parris Frantz
J.P.F. Communications

Dayton, Ohio — Matrix Systems, a Dayton, Ohio-based turnkey access control and security solutions provider, introduced today the industry’s only true fault-tolerant door controller option with triple-tier data distribution redundancy for assured access control connectivity. The fault tolerance option is now available with Matrix’s Frontier® 5.7.5 access control software.

When the control of access or alarm point monitoring is threatened by a disabled common controller or network segment failure, the Matrix System Gateway (MSG), an intelligent ethernet-to-485 converter/switch automatically maintains connections between the system’s third tier intelligent door controllers and second tier building controller. The MSG’s unattended fail-over capability reroutes all communication to an alternate controller and allows the system to maintain all higher level access functions despite a key component failure.

Unlike standard access control systems where the server is the only component providing hot fail-over capabilities, Matrix’s MSG combines second tier redundancy with its third tier intelligent door controller to provide the most in-depth, fault tolerant solution available on the market today.

“IT (information technology) and security directors understand that a server failure activates a hot-fail over to a redundant server, so we’ve applied that same technology to access control building controllers,” said Walter Helms, CTO, Matrix Systems. “Customers are now assured their access control systems have the highest availability possible.”

Other fault tolerance option features include:

  • Designed to be installed on separate network segments for full redundancy.
  • Allows building controllers to be shut down in a hot swap mode for routine maintenance without affecting the access control system.
  • Automatically propagates data across the system from the server to the intelligent building controllers down to the door controllers.