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Frontier™ – Powerful, reliable access control and security management

Matrix Systems' Frontier™ access control and security management solution is proven in the most challenging environments across a variety of industries. Its powerful open architecture design allows total control over alarm monitoring, auditing, and reporting. Frontier is backed by the same experienced Matrix personnel who design, engineer, and deploy the product—we are your direct link to unmatched product support, without intermediaries or go-betweens.


Flexible, scalable security solutions
Frontier adapts and grows with your organization. It can be configured for virtually any size installation, with support for an unlimited number of client workstations, card holders, and users. Frontier’s flexibility also supports all types of access readers and card technologies. Unlike the competition, a single Frontier enterprise server can control thousands of doors, eliminating the need for costly regional server environments. Frontier’s intuitive user interface can be easily tailored to specific levels of management and control, and its integrated credential production software allows you to easily design, customize, and print identity badges.

Open architecture design
Our commitment to open architecture and open protocol design guarantees that security and IT managers can configure the most comprehensive system for our customers’ specific security needs. Frontier’s power is further enhanced through its integration with Mercury Security™ hardware, the industry’s most widely adopted access control panels.

Comprehensive alarm management
Effective security solutions mean quick response and verification. With a fully secured, redundant database and single-enterprise server configuration, Frontier permits multiple responses and data entry locations. The system’s comprehensive alarm management works for a facility’s unique needs, putting power back in the hands of its users.

Seamless integration
Matrix offers seamless integration with leading third-party products including video management, biometrics, electronic locks/readers, visitor management, and more.

Available Features

Alarm Notification
Frontier™ users with SMTP interface devices can be notified via email or pager of alarm activity. The alarm notification feature may be configured so only certain Frontier™ users and/or certain alarms receive notification.

Backup Options
There are three types of backup server options: cold, warm and hot, which can be used in conjunction with Frontier™ security management software to assure maximum security in the event of a primary server hardware failure.

Video Management
Our partnership with Next Level Security Systems offers cutting-edge video management with state of the art video analytics. With seamless integration to Frontier access control software, Matrix offers one of the most powerful unified security management solutions available. interface allows for selected security cameras and monitors to be associated with selected alarms when an alarm activates in order to provide real–time video of an alarm occurrence. We also interface with other VMS manufacturers such as OnSSI, Milestone, Bosch, Pelco, JVC, Vicon, Panasonic and NICE.

CTIME allows Frontier™ to collect badge transactions for time reporting purposes. CTIME supports the basic pairing of “In” and “Out” transactions collected for designated badge holders at designated readers.

Digital Video Tagging
The digital recording feature allows for alarms to be tagged to record video and/or audio. The recorded video, related to an alarm, can then be played back using Frontier™ access control software, which provides video playback prior to an alarm occurrence.

Frontier™ supports restricting command privileges for specific objects defined in the Frontier™ system (e.g., access, alarms, badges, doors). For example, without the optional feature of domains, if a user is granted permission to unlock doors, the user can unlock any door in the system. The optional Domains feature in Frontier™ access control software allows specific doors to be restricted from specific users, thus restricting control of door(s) that are not included in the user’s domain.

Elevator Control
Controls badge holder access to elevator floors and allows Frontier™ users to control the state of elevator floors.

Events Archive
Events Archive provides reporting and storage capabilities for long-term events beyond Frontier™’s normal capacity.

Extended Field Edit Logging
Tracks edits made to security badge records in Frontier™ and saves the changed value from a field, grid or add/remove list. Operators can run a report to view the changes made to badge records.

Field-by-field Permissions
Restricts a user’s ability to view specified fields in Frontier™’s Badge Setup window and Pass Setup window. Administrators can configure view, edit and/or view caption privileges for operators for certain fields.

Frontier™ ImageWorks
ImageWorks is fully integrated in Frontier™, allowing for badge design, image capture and direct badge printing from the Frontier™ application.

HR Interface
Brings employee information from an outside Human Resource system into Frontier™ by way of an ASCII comma-delimited file containing employee information.

Key Control
Gives the capability to monitor and control the tracking of mechanical keys at a facility.

Multiple Calendars
Provides a method for adding more than one calendar/holiday schedule into Frontier™. This is useful for facilities spread out over large areas.

Prox Encoding
Allows users to encode proximity cards directly from Frontier™.

Reader Messaging
An optional feature that displays messages entered in Frontier™ on the reader’s display when a badge holder uses his/her badge.

Serial Alarm Interface
The serial alarm interface provides the ability to generate an alarm based on information sent to Frontier™ from an outside system over a serial interface.

Two Person/Two Badge
Two person access control provides the ability to ensure a specified area always contains at least two badge holders. Two badge provides the ability to require two different valid badges to be presented at a card or proximity reader before access will be granted to a portal.

Visitor Management
The Frontier™ visitor management option supports interfaces with the industry’s top two visitor management systems: EasyLobby and Sisco FAST-PASS